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Fun for the whole family 12 6, 1:51am

@sahkari10000 You say "They" as if all of the United States is united in this. Trump may be using a bunch of rowdy, bigoted and xenophobic trash to rouse the rabble, but the self-called 'silent majority' is neither silent, nor the majority. Securing the hooting jingoist redneck vote in such a way is making even other republicans, who would ordinarily never vote democrat just on principle (because politics is all about blind loyalty to a party, not voting for what you think is best for the issue, right?) say they'll vote democrat this term just to keep Trump out of office. Even politicians and relatives who are seen as a little racist or xenophobic themselves are saying Trump is a racist bigot in the worst way.

The trouble with the US being 'so politically correct' is that it really isn't. If the US actually were politically correct the 'political correctness' would not need to be a thing to be invented or referenced at all. It's a construct designed to focus one's efforts in to not saying the rude things we want to say and to call attention to the fact one is making that extra effort, for social brownie points.

Personally, I think political correctness stupid. Certainly, there's a place for pieces of what is now called political correctness, which I call 'being polite' or 'timing' but in general I find the extent to which it's pushed mind boggling and just plain impractical.

Political correctness is not politically correct because it offends me.