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Take the wheel 15 6, 8:34am

Never heard of toxoplasmosis behaving differently in women, only heard of it causing paranoia and aggression in anyone regardless of sex. Even in popular culture it's more well known to cause paranoia and aggression in females than anyone else, hence the "crazy cat lady". Googling just now i couldn't find anything about this "nicer and more compassionate" affect on women either. There was a note that some of the behavioural changes may be sex based, but nothing really clarified on how so and in general the nature of these effects are poorly studied.

I did find this neat little (unrelated) tidbit though:

"There is a negative association between an infection with the parasite T. gondii and multiple sclerosis, therefore, researchers have concluded that toxoplasmosis infection could be considered a protective factor."

In other words, being afflicted with toxoplasmosis /might/ help prevent the development of MS. That's pretty neat.