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Take the wheel 6 7, 11:35pm

@Jonathan When they say that there is no definitive conclusion it means usually that nothing proves that theory, so saying that it is because of a parasite is nonsense. Parasites are optimized for a specie in particular, and usually when it ends by accident in another animal, it doesn't end well for it (what happenes in most cases is that the parasite's cycle is stopped, and it cannot evolves or reproduce).
The person who is drawing says he visited France twice, but i assume that when he says France, he is talking about Paris. Now, Something you should know is that people driving in Paris is aggresive, but I have seen that in other cities such as Rome or Madrid. Instead of assuming it is because of a parasite, i would assume first it is because of the stress, the traffic jams and because people are running late to work (which is terrible in Paris, you can get stuck one hour because of the traffic).
Also, as i have already mentionned before, this parasite is extremely frequent, especially in countries who has a lot of cats as pets. Then why this parasite would transform people into rude persons in France, and not in others countries? It should affect everyone equally.
Instead of looking into scientific reasons, one should use logical reasons first. People are mostly agressive when they are stressed, Paris is a really stressful city when you have to work there, so first blame the living environnement or even the education (there is jerks everywhere in the world, you are bound to finf quite a few in France) instead of a poor parasite that problably is cursing his luck for ending up in a human instead of a rat like it should have xD
In fact, my comment was more because i was surprised by how much people believed that and wikipedia.....

P.S: There is also T.gondii in Denmark by the way ;)