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Take the wheel 7 7, 12:00am

@Jonathan It's true that you can't (based on current research) say "this is exacly what happens to everyone infected", but you can say that there is substantial evidence to support the theory that T. Gondii can and does cause behavioural changes in infected humans. But as always: Further research is needed.

This sentence is false because for now there is no substantial evidence to support the theory. Is there parasites that affects human's brain, yes. This one? Highly unlikely. It only affect rat's brains, not even cat's brain (and it is the definitive host!). They are trying right now to study the effects of T. gondii at a molecular level, but even so, studying it just at a molecular level is complicated because humans are a whole more complicated. Studies are made, but because it is been many years that this subject is studied, and nothing has been found that can indicate that it is because of this parasite, i highly doubt that they will found something. Or they are going to say that it can predispose to agressivity if it combines with others factors ------------------> translation: we have no idea, we didn't find any conclusive answer to support this theory, but we can't eliminate it completely.

But well, research is like that, you are looking for something and find Something else non-related instead but it is still progress :)

Saying that people is aggresive just because of this parasite is incorrect, before that, you have to consider: living environment, education, stress, hormones, drugs, tumor, etc.... How do you know that it is because of the parasite and not because of the person itself? To be sure we should study during years people who are not affected, and then contamines them with the parasite and study its effects for as many years as before. Such thing is impossible and that's why research is extremely dificult in humans, especially when it involves psychology. You can control the environment in rats, but you cannot do that in humans whithout locking them and controling environement, food, relatioship, etc...

I am positive to T. gondii, my friends are, my family too and our cars are in perfects shapes without any dents xD (By the way i live on Spain right now and the prevalence is high in this country too).

But well, i now have a perfect excuse to be rude. By the way, sorry if my comment seems rude, but it is because of the parasite ;)