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It's nothing 7 7, 12:48am

Of course it won't kill us in a week. We've not even triggered article 50 yet and then we'll still have two years to get out. That's when the economy will really start to take a shit turn.

And we were free to trade with China, India and the USA before. The EU just put trade regulations with them. Cutting off from the single market, which accounts for something like 50% of our trade, in order to remove those few little regulations seems fucking stupid to me.

Also: we don't have any more control over our own country as we did before. Only 10-15% of our laws were influenced by the EU, and mostly due to regulations that augmented safety, consumer protection and human and animal rights. Now, they'll be 100% decided by our government... including the House of Lords which is made up of over 800 completely unelected members, and the Queen, who happened to plop out of the correct vagina. Oh yeah, and no more regulations to keep us safe from a government that is intent on screwing us over