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It's nothing 7 7, 1:19am

@Theomniadept Well, the UK wasn't the number one economic force in the EU, it was the second. Germany has a larger economy. Along with that, 48% of British trade was within the EU and a lot of our trade deals were set up through the EU. As it stands, we have now separated ourselves from a group of nations which as a group gave the members a lot more international power.

As for an "Overseas Dictatorship", I'd say that the European Parliament, for which the MEPs are voted in by proportional representation is far from a dictatorship. Particularly considering the fact that within Britain we have the House of Lords, who are completely unelected and actually number more in total than the MEPs. If the British wanted control of their country, we should have done some internal reform of our election system and gotten rid of the House of Lords, rather than leaving the EU.

Now the British need to deal with writing up new trade deals with a large part of the world, including the EU, and with the fact that our government will find it a lot easier to screw over the people, which they've already been having a nice time with over the last year. It won't kill us in a week, but it'll fuck us over in the long term.