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Manners are important 7 7, 7:25am

I can actually explain this to all you confused Westerners.

China is very much the mind set of anything 'Public' is literally grab what you can get, it's free.
So when you 'ask nicely' for something that 'everyone owns' they just look at you weird like 'why don't you hurry up and take it already?'.
It's like asking 'excuse me, do you mind if I use this spot on the sidewalk?'.
Rather than ask, just take the spot. It's Public. It's meant for Everyone to use and abuse for Free.

In the same way, there is no 'dancing around the issue' or 'politeness' as it were. Tact is none-existent. If you dance around issues, you're seen as a coward that can't speak freely.
This unfortunately gets China viewed as Rude by others, when its as simple as a complete different form of Common Sense.

Afterall, when everyone speaks their mind and opinion strongly, in public spaces where everyone shouts to 'take the airspace', you get what's called chaos to other countries, but a normal day in China.

Plus there's the whole 'We're Friends, stop being polite, its rude'. Thing as well implied in this.
Politeness is to avoid pissing people off. Friends are meant to be able to avoid 'dancing around issues' like that. When you're not polite, when you're frank, terse, straight forward, it shows you trust the other person. You can't talk heart to heart, mind to mind, if you're constantly adding subtle additions to the things you actually want to say. Just out with it man. TALK DAMMIT. etc.