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It's nothing 7 7, 7:26pm

@rphb Eh, at the moment Britain is more in flames than the EU. Both of the major parties have been self-destructing in the wake of the result, it turns out that nobody actually had a plan for Brexit (the pro-Leavers thought that was David Cameron's job, David Cameron thought it should be up to the people who actually wanted to leave), parts of the Union have been making noises about preferring to be in the EU than the UK if it came down to it, and the UK's been getting more of the backlash.

Now, in the long run, it might be that the UK's flames will be like the fire that rages through a eucalyptus forest without causing lasting harm to the trees while the EU's flames are the smouldering coals that eventually bring the whole house down. For the moment, though, the cartoon seems accurate.