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It's nothing 7 7, 8:42pm

@DaZeR My.... It seems that the Leave people aren't taking into account immigration economy. Difficulting the flow of any type of economy is bad for the nation, hence why Britain won't do very well, especially that (seeing that _if_ you manage to get everything back in course or even better as some proclaim) kind of economy. Immigrants are essentially investment from other countries, if you make it more difficult to become a permanent resident or a UK citizen, you're making not only the resource investment (this investment being people of different qualifications, usually people who know several languages mind you, or will learn after a few months there) but also the acquisition of these investments as Britain's (ie having them become completely BRITISH and therefor have all of the same taxes as the rest of Britain and most of their spending happening inside) much, MUCH more difficult for England....
That's without mentioning the period of instability which will screw people over in the hundreds if not thousands... Plus all the paperwork and shiz