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It's nothing 7 7, 8:47pm

@rphb Britain has quite a few debts in the EU from being loaned money from the EU, if I were the EU I'd probably pressure the UK to pay up seeing as they're no longer a part of the EU, and a lot of countries need the EU, not to mention that it adds a lot of stability, the UK is not as big as it used to be, it makes immigration and emigration easier, they have the euro which allows for easier money flow and centralized banking as well as a common coin. Also they serve as back up for wars given the opportunity... Although lets be honest they like to stay out of it a lot to avoid additional economic struggle in the countries that already have it (cough, Uk, cough, cough, massive debt, cough, cough, you guys made a lot of enemies, cough, cough, imperialism, cough, cough)