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It's nothing 9 7, 3:57pm

@Ynk As a brit i err... i have to disagree to be honest. If the consequences had been worried about we wouldn't have our entire political class in shambles right now. If consequences had considered, many 'leave' voters, would not have voted leave. Comments sections on sites like the daily mail or the sun with 'so remain were telling the truth' are both extremely depressing but also a little pearl of schadenfreude. You clearly know nothing of the UK if you think the possibility of an irish reunification won't end in anyone killed. Nor have you seen the huge rise in xenophobic hate crimes the country has had recently.

There are a lot of arguments in favour of leave, but those were not the arguments that were put forward. Hell if i hadn't been goddamn certain that the wave of nationalistic violence would happen i probably wouldn't have been so staunchly on the remain side. As it stands i just prefer it when people aren't beaten or abused for traits they can't change about themselves.