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It's nothing 13 7, 8:55am

No it doesn't do as the old soviet union, but they are scary close.
Take the recent 'hate-speach' deal between EU and Facebook, Twitter, (instagram?) and YouTube.
And what correlates as hate-speech exactly?

If your answer were "speech that hurts" you'd be correct, and somethimes, or more correct; most of the time, that is dissending oppinion.
"I dissagree", "what you said suck" and so on.
Tje soviet union didn't like people speaking negatively about them, it seems the same goes for EU.

"Hate-Speech" is subjectiv and the eu can use it anyhow they see fit, and no-one can complain... "It is hate speech after all" according to EU.

Then you have the way it handles Greece, the people didn't like the deal and wanted tje goverment to change it, EU said no and fucked them over.
Then you have Italy which is more or less a province.... Since tjete is no elected offical by the people.

Then there is plan for a super state.
An Army
They already have a border (schengen area), national anthem (a Bethoven work), coin (euro), Central bank..... Yeah..... Do you get the Picture?