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It's nothing 13 7, 10:56pm

How would you pay for it? I know money is a harsh question and considered scare mongering and I don't ask it as a threat, but as a genuine concern. The oil you have gives you a great income but its not enough given that the uks economy is worth in the trillions and Scotland's is in the billions, which sounds ok, but you'd have to survive the drop between the two. Plus the EU hasn't made you an offer and some countries have already said no to Scotland which shows no sign of changing. Then with no funding from the UK (we'll have our own problems to deal with) or the EU. Would you be financially stable? If you were to collapse (worst case scenario) the only way to recover would be for England to bail you out like Germany had to for Greece, which would make you England part 2 which 100% NOT what any of the Scots want and as the Tax payer in England would have to payout for it for long time we wouldn't be behind it either. If Scotland left its true the UK would loose a huge part of itself, and billions of pounds. But we'd still have trillions and we would defiantly survive it. Would you? If you want to leave, then the attitude I've seen from the area I live in is mostly, fine, go and good luck to you!