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It's nothing 14 7, 3:30am

That's not how it works lol. You don't simply gain more per person by having a small population. Your mistaking correlation for causation here.
Economic output is the actual factor, the same size economic output in a more populated country has more people to go back to yes, and a smaller population with the same size economy would be hypothetically seeing more return per capita yes.
Now if you could somehow demonstrate how the loss of Scotland and NI means England/Wales would have an economy that outsizes its population in a more positive proportional way than congratulations EnglandWales will benefit.
But its far more likely to not. Because "usually" is not at all true. The "usual" examples you're thinking of are microstates in Europe that have since long ago based their economies on being off shore and tax evasionish themed playgrounds for the continent's rich. Or their places like Brunei and Bahrain which have black gold. Or Singapore with some of the earth's best shipping lane real estate.
But examples of what we're looking for? Of Larger countries losing peripheral territories? Rarely do we see bright stars emerging from such pictures.