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It's nothing 14 7, 6:41am

Many European countries already have hate speech laws, so no EU is needed. Also, those laws are aimed against racists, neonazis and the like, which should give you an idea as to what they mean by hate speech. As far as I'm aware those laws have not been enforced all that vigorously and there haven't been many convictions on grounds of hate speech. Also, would people actually go to jail for dissenting opinions? Because in Soviet Union they would go to jail. In Europe, I could easily see them survive with fines.

Here is how it happened with Greece: EU and the Greek government make a deal. The Greek decide they don't like the deal and threaten to change the deal. EU says that if Greece doesn't hold their end of the deal EU isn't going to hold its own end of the deal. Since this means EU is not going to give Greece the money it promised because Greece is not going to do the reforms and budget cuts it promised, Greece is fucked because they actually need the money EU promised them, so they decide to do as EU wishes. EU did not threaten to invade Greece to install an EU-friendly government unless the Greek government makes it populace fall in line, which is something Soviet Union would have done.

"Then there is plan for a super state.
An Army
They already have a border (schengen area), national anthem (a Bethoven work), coin (euro), Central bank..... Yeah..... Do you get the Picture?"

Yes, they are trying to make EU more and more like a federation. Soviet Union is not synonymous with federation, even if it was a federation. Federalization and centralization are not unique to the Soviet Union, unless the United States of America, Switzerland, Germany and Canada are also considered to be like the Soviet Union. Since I'm quite certain no one is trying to call USA the Soviet Union, so why should the developments in the EU be equated with the Soviet Union but not the USA?