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It's nothing 16 7, 7:49pm

@Vilkku92 the laws about hate speech can be used against anyone and not just the intended target.

And thats an example in germany.

There's is a fundamental difference between USA and EU, the us constitusion.
It has fourteen special laws in place, though I cannot name hhem all (and can be wrong at the number as well).
1. Any person are protected by law to say ANYthing they wish, whethever good or bad.
2. Every citicen has the right to bear arms, as long as it can't be proven that it's a risk to the publick. (mental illnes, severe ptsd and so on).

I forgott the third one and don't know the rest. (Anny amerikans wanna help out?)

The first amendment in the constetusion is the main fockus here though, because It is the one that PROTECTS the freedom of speech. And why US. will not be looked at as tge soviet union. That amendment must be recinded before it can be.
EU on the other hand (and countries whitin) passes, as you said, laws that prevents hate speech.
Well, take sweden for example: iø
Sweden is the rape capital of the west, because the immigrant comming in, and the most likely to rape are statisticly the muslims.
So saying that in sweden, and a muslim hears you, they report it to the police and suddenly you're a nazi and can serve up to 5 years in prisson, because you said something that is true. Or you could say something else that otherrs 'feel' threathened about and you get the same fate. This allow the rapist to rape freely because they are protected by law.
Interesting, is it not?
The video provided are about germany. I guess they desided to jump 55 yrars to the past, whit a twist though.
And that's why EU and Soviet Union are so alike.
'say what you want, but if we/other people do not like it, you get arrested' or simmilar.
Heck, a comedian made fun of turkeys minister, and Merkel alows for arrest of the comedian. Yeah... I'll jump to switserland if Norway gets under EU. Or begginnig a rebel group or something like that.