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It's nothing 20 7, 4:32pm


First of all, the EU also has laws regarding free speech, just as the US has laws regarding hate speech. They're basically exactly the same. Certain countries within the EU (like Germany) have additional clauses concerning what is protected by free speech and what is regarded as hate speech. This would not change regardless of whether they were in the EU or not.

Second; the second amendment were written back when the best weapon you could get was a single-shot rifle that took a minute to reload. They're not really applicable to modern fully automatic rifles and are a direct cause to the prevalence of guns and gun-related violence in the US.

Third, Sweden is not hte rape capital of the west. That is xenophobic propaganda created by people who do not understand statistics. Sweden has the largest number of REPORTED sexual assults in the world, for a few reasons.

Each country determines what is regarded as sexual assault themselves. Sweden has the broadest definition by far and also amongst the strongest protection of victims of sexual assaults, which makes more people willing to report.

Compare this to Saudi Arabia, which have some of the most oppressive laws against the freedom of women in the world. The victim of an assault may even get thrown in to jail or worse for simply reporting sexual assault.

For the record, the same statistics that shows Sweden in the top shows that Saudi Arabia (along with a few other oppressive regimes where women are considered cattle more than people) have 0 sexual assaults reported. So yeah, the statistics does not reflect reality.

"So saying that in sweden, and a muslim hears you, they report it to the police and suddenly you're a nazi and can serve up to 5 years in prisson, because you said something that is true. Or you could say something else that otherrs 'feel' threathened about and you get the same fate. This allow the rapist to rape freely because they are protected by law. "

^ This is just pure fantasy. All people, regardless of faith are bound by the same laws.

Also, nothing you said makes the EU and the Soviet Union even remotely alike each other. I can only conclude that you know nothing about neither the EU or the Soviet Union.