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Sleepy Head 28 7, 6:06am

This reminds me. years ago when was 8, I had planned a surprise for my older sister (who was 16 at the time) since her name day was at same time with the national sleepy head day. I had bought her some candy, I had a glass of water and I was going to sing. She was sleeping on her's side, so when I poured the water on her most of it went to her ear. And immediately I started to sing happy "name day" song, what I didn't know was that she had hangover and I was completely oblivious to her nausea. First she goes relatively quickly to bathroom to dry her ear and when she wobbles back and i'm all like "Happy name day sis!" I smile like idiot and give her the candies, what I did recognize in her stare was desire strangle me.