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It's nothing 31 7, 10:17am

@Raptorfeet Right, well, for the first part, I know someone who is living in Sweden, and they pointed it out that you gotta wach your speech or be branded a nazi and thrown in jail.
What Germany is doing is trampling on the free speech because hate speech, there should only be one speech over all. However, I know there are some speech wich is harmfull (isis recruitment, caljoning into watever harmfull things) so watching out and teach about that should be something.
Nothinghamsire passed a law lately, what you think about that?

Back to sweden:
I can understand that sweden has broader deffenition of rape, but actuall rape statistics are high, and shows that immigrants is the bigger part of it, and most of them is from islamic countries.

And saying:
"This is just pure fantasy. All people, regardless of faith are bound by the same laws."

Is idealistic right, but wrong.
Muslims tends to use sharia law, AND prefer it over the western law system.
It is showcased, ironicly, best in England, were they go to the mosk in favour of the police, when it comes to crime inbetween themselves.