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Refreshing Shower 3 8, 11:27am

@Nisse_Hult As far as I could find out, a 100L boiler here costs at least 450 USD , while a good electrical shower can be bought with 25 USD. And keep in mind that the average monthly income of a brazilian worker is about 350 USD. Moreover, the monthly expenses of a boiler is twice of an electrical shower (due thermal losses).

So, given the circumstances, the current solution seems to be the least worst. I like to see it like nuclear energy: it is potentially very deadly, but can be very useful if handled with care.

Yeah, I’m aware of the risks of having an electrical plug inside the bathroom, we had some discussions about this issue during my undergraduation. But I would say that a residual-current circuit breaker (which became mandatory here, but is not widespread yet) can give you enough safety. If some electrical accident with an hairdryer or even a shower happens, the circuit will automatically open before causing you any harm.

Don’t worry, I dont take your concerns as an offense, I’m already used to see the same reaction from the gringos here. It’s nice to see such small details about Brazil here in SATW, in the same way that I learnt a lot about scandinavian small facts by reading the comics.