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Refreshing Shower 3 8, 4:12pm


Ok, with an average income of about 350 USD to put 250 on a waterheater is quite an investment then.

The comparison with nuclear plants is an apt one - only on a much smaller scale. A terrifyingly dangerous potentially leathal maschine only inches away from you head whenever you take a shower.

Yes, the residual-current circuit breakers are a very good invention. Let's hope they become standard everywhere as soon as possible.

Good that your not offended by my comments. As you said - I'm just generally concerned for peoples safety. The Nordic countries have a long history of strong safety regulations and safe design features. The three-point seatbelts in cars and ejector seats in airplanes are both Swedish inventions for example.

You Brazilians seems to enjoy life a lot more with your Samba and Carnival - we're more Protestantly square and controlled. As you might have learned from SatW, in the Scandinavian countries Denmark is seen as the wildest country and still residual-current circuit breakers became mandatory there in new buildings as early as 1975.
We worry about safety issues a lot... ;-)