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Refreshing Shower 4 8, 12:52am

@Nisse_Hult @MayLaBelle I guess that the only issue of employing the residual-current circuit breaker (or GFCI) is that, sometimes when the grid is old or poorly installed, the leakage currents end up activating the device. So, it’s not uncommon to be obliged to renew all your electrical installation in order to make it work properly. But anyway, safety first ;).

Yeah, I lived some months in Germany and also have some friends that lived (or are living) in Sweden, so I'm a bit familiar with this Protestantly attitude of having everything controlled, classified and in order. In most of cases, the brazilian reaction towards those issues would be “are you really worrying about this???!” huehuehue.

But of course this more flexible and carefree behaviour has also its negative points, and becomes the root of all our evils. The Rio 2016 has been an embarrassing showcase of them. So, I wouldn’t mind having a more scandinavian-approach in some areas, it would certainly benefit the whole population.