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It's nothing 4 8, 9:21pm

@Lambert2191 Sorry for the slow reply.
I've seen searching a bit.
On immigration - I know you are not racists, Denmark has some of the issues as well but - There are still a ton of other laws that are not EU created that gives issues with this, least of all the laws about not being able to send people down to places where they face death and such.
Adoption of Euro : This really is a non worry, they cannot force people to change to Euro unless the people of said countries want it, since the majority of countries have constitutions that say such things need to be chosen by the people, EU can't overrule constitutions last I checked, I really doubt Denmark would adopt it, especially since it doesn't need to be an official currency in countries as long as the country 'can' use euro's for everything, which most can anyway.
EU integration: highly dubious this one will have as much effect as they want.
Remember the UK had a big voice in the EU to get things done, and a lot of things that were done were done with your own politician's support. I'm not saying EU is perfect, it is not by far, it suffers from the same politician idiocy as everything else, but at least by working together maybe the damage can be mitigated a bit, and we could together work towards the goal of what the EU was supposed to be. Currently its just the same old politician playing a game, be it in EU or in countries.