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A myth in Germany states that "German almost became off 14 8, 8:19am

Right, so no is forced to learn to speak English. And comparing this to Nazi conquest is stupid.

Also lol at "most countries", outside of Western Europe and the British Commonwealth (and the latter ain't the US's fault) this is not the case. Not to the extent in northern Europe especially. There's a lot less english proficiency even in other parts of Europe near you then you seem to realize.
Mostly that codes down to "Other Germanic language countries easily picking up other Germanic language that is useful", oh the tyranny!

"Do you think that was the case before WWII?"

Actually kind of yeah. English being lingua franca has a shitload to do with a certain thing called the British Empire spreading it over loads of Africa, parts of the Middle East, parts of Southeast Asia, and nearly the entire Indian Subcontinent in some second language form or another.
Then the US rises to prominence with the British decline after WW2 and keeps the importance and usefulness of the language going.
And then in the 21st century German kids slave away in the English mines as their American masters laugh and crack the whip.