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Wrong Identity 14 8, 1:18pm

'@wiseesiw' Fenno-Swede actually means a Finnish person, who speaks Swedish as his native tongue. In my city 25% people are fennoswedes and some of them have never even been in Sweden, their parents just teach them usually both Finnish and Swedish languages. Linus Torvalds was born in Finnish capital, Helsinki.

So Fennoswede is not Finnish-Swedish or Swedish-Finnish, Linus Torvalds or his parents have not had Swedish citizenship as far as I know. Fennoswede is not a term like "Irish-American", it comes from the times when Finland was part of Sweden. It's more like a term "Anglo-Saxon". Like you wouldn't say that Bill Cosby or Michael Jordan are not Americans, they are African-Americans.

Pedantic note: I'm even now using a Linux-based distro with custom kernel I've implemented myself. ;)