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To say: "There was no holocaust." is a crime in Ge 19 8, 10:47pm

@Wolfenbuehl (Just saying, this is coming from a Northern Irish man with no experience of Germany whatsoever except one tourist visit a while back)

Well apparently the people there have a bit of a phobia of a German commiting murder or something and then the other countries will bring up nazis. In fact, I've heard they're pretty paranoid about nazis on the whole, because they were the place where the person who started WW2 came from, so obviously they have the right to feel paranoid about that. They'd have a paragraph on that because of the avoidance of having mistaken people bring Nazis into a news or newspaper conversation about the incident, because as @Neuntausend said it would only happen in practice if it was a large party or society publicly downplaying or defending their crimes agaisnt humanity, that would be likely to be brought up on the German news and possibly foriegn news. So they'd feel paranoid that another news station would refer to the Germans as nazis, which could be changed by newspapers to Germans are Nazis, and then news might spread around the world about Germans being Nazis and, I mean, who DOESN'T want their nation compared to the followers of the arguably evillest man in history.

But I dunno, right? I'm just a Northern Irelander who's only been to Germany 1 time.