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Tall food is good food 15 9, 2:48am

We like our servings big but don't expect you to finish the plate off the idea at restaurant is you should never leave hungry, but no one is offended if you do finish it off. When I go to a non buffet place i expect to have some to take home and have for lunch. At one place they do a have one take one where you order food for there and one to be delivered at the end of the meal to take for later and it comes with unlimited soups and you can switch your soups around when I go there I get that and fill up on soup and free bread sticks and about a quarter of the meal then ask for another bowl eat about a 1/4 of that and ask for a carry out for my soup and plate so i leave with 2 meals and a soup making it a total of 3 meals. (the take home meal is about half the size of the in restaurant meal). BTW how do you cook the fish i am always up to trying new things.