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@HUNDmiau I disagree national pride is a positive feeling, it encourages unity and patriotism, and to me there is no greater deed than helping your country and it's people. There is also a quote saying: 'One can never do too much for the benefit of his country'
Not so long ago my country was under threat of occupation and losing it's freedom and everyone did their best to help, even the ones that couldn't go into battle tried to help in some other ways. And when we finally won the war everyone felt proud not just of their achievements but of the whole nation since each one of us did their share of helping to win the war. We all felt like a single team fighting against a much larger enemy and that's why we were so proud when we won, we won together, united. And what is a nation without it's people? We are a key part of our country and our country is a key part of us. Feeling national pride a great feeling especially when harsh times come.