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In the eye of the beholder 2 10, 11:21pm

@ConnecticutMan @Aurinkolasit
hark / haarukka = a large fork to heave hay or to turn around soil; crotch, crutch.
hargi+vahe = in between the fork (-spikes); the area between the legs
(in estonian) tule+hark = fiery + fork = mammering (wavering) she-devil
So maybe showing one's vagina makes one a mammering she-devil; so the she-devil trumps the he-devil.

harakka / harakas = a magpie bird species
Magpies are one of the smartest of all animals.
Not sure about the connection to the vagina, though.
But if a man shows off, then he is called a 'liputaja' (a flag hoister; a wag).