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Taxes, Healthcare and Culture 14 10, 8:54pm

'@Neph23' Here, if you are working or have other income etc. you'll pay for doctor's visit the fee that is set by city (For example, 14 euros) and if you actually need to be in the hospital, payment is now something like 49,50€ per day (just has risen, used to be 33€).

However, if you are unemployed and have no income, all these are paid to you 100%, including all medication that doctor prescribes to you. And no matter how rich you are, the maximum medical expenses in hospital and/or health centre fees are 691€ per year and medication 610€ per year. If you exceed those, everything is free after that for the whole calender year, even if you do have money.

And I have to point out, that USA actually spends MORE money per capita in healthcare than we do. :D So American healthcare system is bad both for taxpayers and for less fortunate.