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Taxes, Healthcare and Culture 14 10, 11:26pm

'@Last1Alive' That's really just wrong, since that's really a matter of choice in USA. We can provide housing, electricity, food, health care and medication for everyone in these worst economic times, so can USA, but just won't in much better economical situation. Our poorest, unemployed people get more free money from government than average full-time McDonald's worker gets paid in USA and on top of that comes health care and dentist and other necessities (and free education, even money is given for students so they can eat and pay rent while studying). Other Nordics are even more generous.

EU should send development aid, huge ambulance planes and ships and European Red Cross should establish field hospitals all over USA like we do in Africa and make that operation so visible that the whole world sees it. Maybe that would be humiliating enough for US Congress to push them to take care of their people.