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@Neph23 Germany is a little different from Finland, as our healthcare relies on insurance. If you work, you pay about half your insurance (your boss pays the other half). If you are unemployed the state pays it for you. Children can use the insurance of their parents, even if the parents are unemployed. Only in rare cases you have to pay for the insurance without a job (because I'm studying past the age of 25 I have to cover my own costs between 80 and 200€/month which sounds much but you quickly reach the same amount of money with one emergency situation in the USA)

Then the insurance pays for all (well most) your medical bills. Hospital fees are low (just for bed/meals), you don't need to pay to visit a doctor, only small amounts for medication if any, cavities are treated without payment, even psychological therapy, etc. To me this is the best system... but of course it relies on the fact that people who do not get sick often and those who earn a lot of money overpay via their insurances.