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Taxes, Healthcare and Culture 15 10, 7:29am

'@Dena' It's not the worst thing that healthcare is seen as business. We have private doctor stations and so on as well. The thing is, if you need here hip replacement or angioplasty, the doctors don't even look that have you paid your medical bills, what is your insurance status or so on. The invoices are looked by completely different people and payment or insurance issues are worked out separately, even if you have million euros in unpaid debt, it won't affect your treatment. There is no fooling around with human life, money is just paper. You don't even have to be a citizen of Finland. If you collapse inside our borders and need a heart surgery or organ transplant, you'll get one. Life is not a matter of something artificial like money. (I've heard republicans talking about that life is sacred, but it apparently only applies to unborn humans).

I don't want to bash other countries, but it's eerie enough that in a rich country a lot of people are living in some mobile trailer homes like animals, not to mention letting people suffer or even die because of some insurance terms or financial troubles. Even a single case of this is just wrong and barbaric, and I've read that there is up to 45 000 annual deaths in US due to lack of health insurance. More than even gun deaths. All of those people could've been saved, but were not, so that tax rates stay slightly lower and people have a little more money to buy a little more useless plastic gadgets and other garbage to toy with for couple weeks and sell on garage sale after couple years. And I bet human suffering due to a lack of insurance is much bigger number than that. That's not just good old capitalism, that's a crime against humanity.