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Taxes, Healthcare and Culture 15 10, 10:53am

The best thing that has happened to the US attitude toward taxes in the last several years has been Donald Trump (and Warren Buffet's amazing smackdown thereof). All of the sudden, people are coming to the (really obvious but somehow never stated aloud) conclusion that paying your taxes is patriotic, and it's good for your country and all the people in it.

The notion that the government is inherently inefficient is deeply flawed, in that no one (in the media, at least) has ever bothered to point out that the alternative -- the free market -- is equally if not more inefficient. Only instead of paying $6,000 for a toilet seat, the free market does things like inspire a boatload of Wells Fargo employees to make up fake accounts and bill real people for things they never asked for and cannot afford, or employ an entire generation of people at a wage that cannot pay for their basic expenses because Wal*Mart and McDonalds have figured out that if they don't pay enough, the government will step in and cover the difference rather than let people actually starve to death on the streets.

Ultimately, there is exactly one reason to object to paying your taxes: because you are exactly the person that America represents in this comic. The person who demands help from the government when something goes wrong in their life, but thinks the government is stealing from them whenever April rolls around. The kind of person who has no idea what the Tragedy of the Commons is or why we need the government to avert millions of different instances of it in our everyday lives.