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Taxes, Healthcare and Culture 23 10, 1:09am

My husband has a very bad liver and lost his health insurance in July when he got laid off and we can't afford to buy any. He cannot get medication, he cannot get treatment nor can he see a doctor without health insurance. He also had diabetes 2 and cannot afford to treat it. He is dying as his liver slowly and painfully dies. His death will be long and painful. The medication he needs costs $1,000/tablet and the medication itself could kill him but without it, he will die. His condition will eventually turn to cancer but we cannot afford the tests needed to monitor that. Disability will take at least 2 years. He also cannot afford pain medication and when his liver acts up, he cannot hold down solids or liquids. The only thing that stops his vomiting is marijuana and although medicinal marijuana is now legal in Ohio, doctors are not permitted to prescribe it. Of course, without insurance, he could not afford it anyway.