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Taxes, Healthcare and Culture 25 10, 9:49am

I have seen first hand when Welfare is not used for what its intended and its use is corrupted. I can't say certain things because of HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), but I have been yelled at by someone who had 4 kids, a cart full of junk food and groceries, severely obese, and riding around in a motorized scooter that was brand new looking. The medication they had was $3.60 for a 90 day supply. It was over $1,400 without and demanded that I change the price since they shouldn't have to pay anything. They raised a stink how they cant afford it, that I was a monster for charging them, and that I was a "money grubbing Jew". This really upset me because I am Jewish, but mostly how I couldn't beat the stupid out of them. While later that week, I see the same older couple, sweetest people you may ever meet, paying $1,000 a month after insurance for cancer medicine.

I see instances of this everyday, of every month, of every year, and nothing is changing but the prices of the medications going up. American Welfare is broken just as bad as the Health System, but the Government needs to stop using Elmer's Glue and a hammer thinking that will fix it.