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There is a finnish battle cry from World War 2 called " 27 10, 11:20pm

@Finnjaveln "Hakkapelite" or "Hakkapeliitta" was actually a nickname for Finnish soldiers during the time Finland was part of Sweden. While Sweden is known for inventing the most efficient musket tactics (very strict rules and so on), Finnish soldiers were less trained in tactics, but absolutely horrifying when they got the charge command. A Russian commander hearing that "HAKKAA PÄÄLLE!" warcry knew that there would be an insane group of bayonet wielding Finns coming straight into their trenches. With shot accuracy what it was back in the day it was very effective to have people just rush in and take the battle to close quarters. They just couldn't kill enough attackers to even out the fact that not too many soldiers were trained in defensive close combat. Finns on the other hand were very much used to using knifes and bayonet was pretty much just a knife with more reach.