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Finland consumes the most coffee per capita in the whole wor 4 11, 10:30pm

@NineOrangeHills 3-4? Well they are espressos at least... I drink two cups of coffee in the morning. At 10am I have a coffee break at work (yes it's called a damn coffee break) usually just one cup here. At 12 I have lunch break and usually get a cup of coffee for dessert. Another coffee break at 2pm means one more cup. When I get home I usually make about half a pan of coffee and drink it during the evening. So 5 cups from morning to end of work and however much I drink in the evening. I'd estimate 8 cups for the whole day at minium. And I don't even drink as much coffee as the guys on the construction side. Those guys either have their tools or a cup of coffee on their hands.

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