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During the infamous Winter War (where Finland received no ai 6 11, 7:42pm

@Karen Actually we had 32 operational tanks during Winter War if you count the captured ones that we got in working order. There were more captured Russian tanks on Finnish side, but most of them were not fully operational. Still 32 against 2500-6500 (there's no exact numbers on how many Russian tanks were actually on the Finnish front) it's pretty much ok to say we had almost none :) Still saying just one is wrong. Oh and the not fully operational ones were in full order during Continuation War. I can't remember the exact number, but it's still very much under 100.

If we are talking about the name and using alcohol, tar and gasoline, then we can say it's Finnish invention. Petrol bombs were used earlier (I want to say in Spain, but I might remember that wrong), but Finland made it more reliable and named it after Russian minister Vyacheslav Molotov, who had told the rest of the world that the russian bombers were actually dropping aid packages. So a bottle of pure hate and fire got the name after a guy who said bombs were care packages. We just wanted to pay back the help and offered Russians some cocktails. :)