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During the infamous Winter War (where Finland received no ai 6 11, 8:03pm

Oh and the no help thing is a bit of an overreaction. UK wanted to help with some troops, tanks, weapons and other supplies. They actually had the first set of supplies ready to go, but sea routes to Finland were cut and Sweden and Norway didn't want armed troops passing through, so that plan went fübar. Sweden took a lot of our children as refugees and allowed volunteers to join Finnish defence force if they wanted. Norway helped too, but I can't remember if it was just food supplies or was there volunteers from them too.

All in all the whole UK help might have meant something very different in the Finnish front as we wouldn't have needed the German help as much as we did. At Continuation War we took German side because we really needed the equipment. We had no chance if we had to fight Russia again with next to no military hardware.

And before anyone calls Finns Nazis: No one really knew what atrocities Nazis were up to untill late in the war. I can imagine the Finnish command center getting the news about death camps and muttering a unified "Voi vittu..." ("Oh fuck" or if you want to be literal "oh cunt") when they realized who they cooperated with.