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Sweden's Volvo made the three-point seatbelt design pat 8 11, 9:52pm

Yeah. There should be a law that...
a.) all cars be equipped with a "dead-man's switch", that will stop the car if the driver isn't in his seat, and,
b.) the driver is forbidden from wearing a seat belt, or using of any other restraint, active or passive.

(The only argument I've heard for why seat belt laws make sense is a restrained driver is more capable of bringing a car back under control. The argument was silent on why EVERYONE ELSE in the car has to be buckled up under the law. *)
(* Well, there is the threat of flying objects, but then, there's no law requiring all loose objects be strapped or netted down, either, so it's pretty plain the seat belt law is a nanny state law.)

Seriously. Seat belts make people safer. Only an idiot would refuse to wear one when they're provided. Telling idiots they have to wear one is cheating Darwin out of his due.
Save natural selection. Ban seat belt laws.