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Danish household 10 11, 6:41am

...I can't draw at all, but this got me thinking about Finland's regions. XD There's 19 of them now, but it's easier to think of them as the 9 historical provinces (because Northern and Southern Savonia can just be combined into a single Savonia, the same with Northern and Southern Karelia).

Savonia: the troll.
Karelia: the motormouth.
Tavastia: similar to Danish Jytland i.e. slow, hard-working, practical and barely speaks.
Ostrobothnia: basically SATW's Finland.
Lapland: a combination of Savonia and Ostrobothnia (drunk trolls who swear 24/7).
Sami: always in a traditional outfit surrounded by reindeer.
Swedish Finland: the wealthy queer.