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Card Game Feedback Wanted 15 11, 9:40pm

Thanks for all of your feedback, I just passed it back to the graphic designer and we're taking another pass at the graphic design (Also based on things people said on my design blog and the boardgamegeek design page - getting feedback from lots of places because I want this to go really well!)

I don't think we're going to get the opportunity to do much with the art style, but the flags and coins are definitely places we can make improvements. The gender tie in to the name bar is important, in playtesting people kept trying to give things to the wrong person (e.g. oil for sister america) because the gender symbol alone wasn't enough to make it obvious if the card's on the table rather than in someone's hand.

For those of you interested in rules, I've not formalised them yet. We've got a draft of an infographic to make it easy to learn the details, which we'd then support with a rulebook that gives more precise definitions to cover all of the tricky situations and edge cases.
Please bear in mind this is only a draft. I'm pretty embarrassed about the quality of the English in some of it and when we originally threw it together we only had art for Switzerland so everyone is Switzerland - but it should give an overview of how the game plays.