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Fact for a rainy day 20 11, 5:27am


Government contracting and umbilical cord to government. Nokia has at the times acted as extension of government economic policy, they have handled stuff like corporate mergers government has wanted to happen, to do favors to government to maintain position for future government contracts.

Rabbit hole doesn't end at rubber products and telecommunications products. It only starts there. Depending how you look at things, you might include pretty much every byproduct coming from main business sectors. Main precursors of modern day Nokia are a rubber factory, a paper mill and a cable factory. One might argue that they have actually absorbed couple military units into corporation, army signals laboratory and army signals depot.

Basically main products.
1. Pretty much anything you can make of rubber.
2. Same thing with paper.
3. Electric power.
4. Cables.
5. Communications equipment for both civilian and military applications.
6. Consumer electronics.
7. Computers, for civilian and military applications, from desktop PC's to artillery firing position terminals.
8. Software for random things.
9. Electronics components like capacitors.
10. All sorts of chemicals you can make out of byproducts of paper mill or rubber factory.

It is probably easier to list things Nokia hasn't produced than what they have produced if you include all the corporate mergers they have done for the government, especially if you include subcontracting precursors of all subsidiaries they have owned at some point in their history have done in their history.

Few random examples.

-Small arms, anything from civilian hunting rifles to assault rifles. They handled mergers of couple arms producers in early 90's. It would have been nice if they had used their own corporate brand there, I'd love to own a semi-automatic Kalashnikov derivative with Nokia Disconnecting People stamped on side of receiver.
-Small arms ammunition. Yes, they have supplied dictatorships with ammunition. Small arms ammunition can be shipped as sporting goods to countries where civilian ownership of small arms extremely restricted and government is under arms embargo by all civilized countries. Like China was following Tiananmen Square Massacre.
-Subcontracting parts of heavy weapons like mortars and heavy artillery.
-Light bulbs.
-Thermos bottles.