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Simo Häyhä was a Finnish sniper in WWII who, with 23 11, 4:47am

But to him it was an old hunting rifle. Simo had been using the M28-30 for hunting and target practicing, even before the war started. That's why he was so efficient with the gun, he had learned its ins and outs before the war, and had studied different tactics for hunting, that he put to use when fighting the Soviets. This included pouring water on snow of his "nest" so that the muzzle flash wouldn't move the light snow and reveal his position. That was also the reason he didn't use a scope: lens flare would've given his position out, and in those Mosin-Nagant based rifles the scope was set very high in order to allow the use of iron sights.

There are a lot of things he did that made him an excellent marksman and soldier, which in turn allowed for his effectiviness during the war.