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Eurovision 2014 26 11, 4:36am

Yeah, in the same year that Russia passed the anti-gay laws, so it was a big punch in the face for their government (word has it that Turkey won't participate anymore because when Sweden once hosted the Eurovision their entertainment included a marriage scene between two men who then kissed - not sure if there's more behind Turkey's refusal to take part, but I haven't seen them in the competition since). Russia has been threatening to quit Eurovision if a) Ukrainians win (and they won this year), if there's some sort of LGBTQ+ stuff (hello!! This has always been a massive draw to the LGBTQ+ community and always will be, so rainbow flags will always be involved - and the rest of Europe loves it). We will not be assimilated to what one country wants. Sorry-not-sorry. Yes, Eurovision is a massive interest of mine and so are LGBTQ+ rights (seeing as I'm pansexual and BDSM-oriented).

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