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Merry Christmas 2013 23 12, 1:50am

Christmas Pudding, not cake. Often served with Brandy Butter (butter with brandy and sugar creamed into it) and/or cream as a desert at the main Christmas meal.

Christmas Cake is something different; a rich fruit cake, usually covered with marzipan and icing, and often steeped since about September in as much brandy as it can be coaxed into holding without actually falling apart. Delicious with Cheddar cheese and a glass of port as part of, e.g., a light(er) Christmas supper. Although that's very much a Yorkshire way of eating it; other parts of the country haven't worked out just how good it is yet.

Puddings are steamed. Cakes are baked. Although, to confuse things completely, there are plenty of places in the country where the desert course of a meal, of any sort, is called "pudding".