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Bye bye ambassador 28 1, 6:28am

I'll say the following.

One, I doubt you survived that comment without being flagged. So congratulations on having your every future post bowdlerized.

Two. My position doesn't enter into it, as it's not my life.

Three. My religion doesn't enter into it, as it's not my relationship with God. And while I believe it is my responsibility to warn people when I see them going astray, it is not my place to dictate their walk with God. Free will being such a precious gift.

Four. On the whole, the human population is still on the rise, and this isn't necessarily a good thing. Granted, it's on the decline in developted countries, (at least among native-born, white as snow, 1st worlders, including Scandanavia and the US, immigrant and recent immigrant birthrates counter that,) but why are you ordering people to have kids? That's a bit like ordering them to burn coal, eat meat, or commute to work as single occupants of SUV's,

Five. it was just a few short years ago that interracial marriage, "miscegenation", was not just frowned upon, but actually, actively, outlawed. I suspect it might still be, in some dark corners of the world.

Six. Why do so many Christians have such a problem with gay marriage, but no problem at all with serial monogamy? I know of two, new testiment passages regarding the former, one takes some reading into, and the other was Paul, but Jesus spoke quite plainly on the subject of divorcing and remarrying a newer model. (Incidentally, that passage IS the one that takes some reading into, and I think the one you just referenced.) It seems that priorities are a bit out of order, there. (I'm not saying you're one, you may be very strongly in the "marriage is for life" camp, but the trend is quite pronounced.)