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Bye bye ambassador 28 1, 6:58am

'@Nisse'_Hult there is no difference between sex and gender, thou only think that there is a difference. The gender roles for instance, comes from nature, they prescribe what the genders are inherently better suited as. Nothing is a true social construct, because everything that can appear to be a social construct have a deeper biological reason behind it.
There is actually significant gender dimorphism with humans, everything from bone structure, to bodymass and brain-functions are different.

And I use the word "holy" to describe the teleological "purpose" of the institution. It is essential for our civilisation to survive, and as such it is also sacred, in the form that it is one of the things that must never be violated.

Thou know of these things, Absolute evil acts, acts that are evil in themselves, due to their very nature, regardless of circumstances. These are things like theft, murder, rape and yes adulatory.
Matrimony is holy in the same way that life is holy and liberty is holy and property is holy, in that it must never be violated, that it is evil in itself to do so.