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Bye bye ambassador 28 1, 7:17am


<sarcasm>You know what. You might be right.
Women have better developed speech centers. Women are less prone to resort to violence. Women are credited with showing greater compassion in general.
We should ban the institution of using men in any leadership roles henceforth. All male kings, presidents, and CEO's need to relinquish their roles to the women around them. Households need to be led by women, as they're more inclined to put family before ego and people tend to bow up less when given instruction by a woman.</sarcasm>

So, let's start with you. Go tell your wife or girlfriend, (if you have one,) that she's in charge of you now, as you're pretty reliably scientifically proven to be inferior to her as a head of household. Her word is law. You accept that you are to be merely the facilitator of her decrees.

Or is that not what you meant at all?